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The global system of transactions has undergone a number of evolutions throughout history. The recent wave of demonetization — whether aimed at modernizing a financial system or adapting to a new economic reality — will only gain momentum. Growth in the volume of non-cash transactions is now inevitable.

Len Den Karo is an initiative to harness Technology and Consumer preferences and change the way payments are made. While progress toward a cashless system will likely be slow, many of the drivers pushing financial evolution towards a cashless society are probably irreversible.

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Gives Exposure to Your Brand

LenDen’s business to business networking gives you the advantage of getting your business name out there Read More

Use Trade Points For Expenses

LenDen Karo utilizes the currency of Trade Points; this gives LenDen Members the flexibility and freedom Read More

Record-Keeping is Easy

With a few taps on your mobile you can check your balance Trade Points, ascertain the creditworthiness of your Buyer Read More

Word Of Mouth Referrals

It is estimated that on average you may receive a 10% customer increase through our business to business lead generation Read More